Community Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups are on a break for the summer. In the meantime, please check out our summer events.

Community Groups happen throughout the week. These smaller gatherings serve as a place for people in the church to get to know one another better outside of the Sunday services. Although most people in the groups are regular attenders at the church, community groups are open to anyone. 

Each week, the group discusses a passage of scripture and engages the text through four questions written by the pastoral staff. The questions anticipate a wide range of familiarity with the Bible amongst each group.  Whether a person considers themselves an expert in the text or if they have yet to read a single verse, there should be something for everyone at a community group. 

Tuesday 6:30pm (Click Here to Contact Stephen)
Egleston Square
Wednesday 6:00pm (Click Here to Contact: Teresa)
Hyde Square
Wednesday 6:30pm (Click Here to Contact: Patrick)
JP Centre
Thursday 6:30pm (Click Here to Contact: Chad)

For more information on our community group times and locations visit our Events Calendar